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Wild-Caught Salmon - Weight Training & Recovery

Wild-Caught Salmon - Weight Training & Recovery

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6 oz. serving of protein

Fuel your workout and speed up recovery with our wild-caught salmon! Packed with omega-3s for joint health and muscle repair, this protein-rich fish will help you reach your fitness goals. Enjoy the delicious taste and benefits of salmon at every meal with two sides included.

Adjust the macros to fit your goals: 

Salmon: 322 cal/ 14g fat / 0g carb/ 45g protein 

Veggie sides (approx): 40 cal/ 3 carb/ 0g fat 

Sweet potato:109 cal / 25 carbs/ 0g fat

Chickpea salad: 210 cal/ 14 carb/ 10g fat/ 7g protein 

Rice: 153 cal/ 33g carb/ .3g fat / 3g protein 

Black Beans: 164 cal/ .5g fat/ 19 net carb/ 10.5g protein 

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