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Tofu - Weight Training & Recovery

Tofu - Weight Training & Recovery

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Fuel your muscles with the power of plants! Our Tofu - Weight Training & Recovery is a plant-based source of protein that will help you build strength and recover faster. With every bite, you're taking a bold step towards your fitness goals. Go ahead, be daring and try it now!

6 oz. serving of protein

Adjust the macros to fit your goals: 

Tofu: 70 cal/ 3.5g fat / 2g carb/ 7g protein 

Veggie sides (approx): 40 cal/ 3 carb/ 0g fat 

Sweet potato:109 cal / 25 carbs/ 0g fat

Chickpea salad: 210 cal/ 14 carb/ 10g fat/ 7g protein 

Rice: 153 cal/ 33g carb/ .3g fat / 3g protein 

Black Beans: 164 cal/ .5g fat/ 19 net carb/ 10.5g protein 

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