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Hub City Farmacy

Mocha Cold Brew Protein Smoothie (40g protein)

Mocha Cold Brew Protein Smoothie (40g protein)

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Get your caffeine and protein fix in one with our Mocha Cold Brew Protein Smoothie! Made with organic cold brew and lightly sweetened with maple syrup, this smoothie packs a powerful punch of 40 grams of protein. Coffee and protein - it's the perfect match!

Pack more of a punch and add 20g grass fed collagen + probiotics for $1

Add adaptogenic mushroom powder for an extra burst of energy + cognitive boost!

Our Whey Protein powder: Levels- made from grass fed cows with the highest quality ingredients 

Our raw milk is locally sourced, grass fed, and non GMO supplemented

Vegans: Substitute Plant based protein powder: (organic) KOS + coconut milk

Mocha Smoothie
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